How Long Will My Exterior Paint Job Last?

When considering updating the paint job on the exterior of your house, one question that you likely will ask your yourself is “How long will my paint job last?” If you’re making a large-scale investment like repainting your home, you need to know how long this investment will last you. Well, there are a few factors that can dictate the length of time that your paint job will look fresh, clean, and new.


Where is your home located? Do you live in direct sunlight? Or in the shade? In general, the sides of your home that are in the sunlight will see deterioration in the paint job at a faster rate than the shadier sides of your home. Other factors that can affect the length of your paint job are snow and rain, and other weather conditions that take a toll on the exterior of the home.


When choosing the color for the exterior of your home, you should not only consider esthetics. The color of your paint job will play a part in determining how long the paint job will last. In general, darker colors on the exterior of the home will begin to fade at a more accelerated rate than lighter colors. Lighter colors do not show the fading effect that sunlight can have on the paint job in the same way that dark colors do.


Many people are under the wrong impression that they will save money if they choose a lower quality paint for their large-scale paint job. This is not true. If you opt for lower quality paint, then your paint job will begin to fade, chip, and deteriorate at a faster pace than if you invest in slightly more expensive, higher quality paint. In most cases, painting with an acrylic-based paint rather than oil-based paint is the best choice for homeowners.Making this choice in the beginning can add years of vibrant color to your exterior paint job. This will make a large difference in the amount of time that can pass between paint jobs.


Probably the most important factor to creating a long-lasting paint job is in the preparation. The professional painters at All American Trade Work take care of all the prep work that go into creating an even, lasting paint-job including cleaning, scrubbing, and sanding. If you begin painting over flaky, dirty, moldy, or chalky surfaces, your paint job is likely to fade and peel within just a few years. Additionally, priming the surfaces is important. A primer acts as a paint adhesive and will help to prevent chipping, bubbling, and will smooth out imperfections in the surface.


A good, quality exterior paint job handled by professional painters should last between 7- 10 years. At All American Trade Work we make sure to take all of the necessary precautions to give you the longest life-span on your paint job. If you have any questions regarding specifics about your particular home or commercial paint job, give us a call at (801) 995-2513 or contact us via email.


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