Inspiring Colors to Invigorate Your Kitchen


If you’re like us, you spend a lot of time in the kitchen. The kitchen is generally a home’s gathering place—somewhere the family can all come together and engage in one of life’s most important activities: eating! Clutter and drab colors can make this area seem cramped and dingy… but, with the right color tips you can create a space that the whole family will love to congregate in.

Subtle Color Splashes 

Not everyone is a fan of the bold, “look-at-me” kitchen color schemes on cabinets and walls. That’s okay! Even simply adding a slight color backsplash behind the stove, or on one kitchen wall can give the kitchen a new, sophisticated feel. Adding softer colors, like light grey or an earthy beige can soften the space and give it a more comfortable feel.

Image of a renovated kitchen


Bold Color Accents

Perhaps you are a fan of bright and bold kitchens. Firey reds, bright yellows, and intense oranges are fun accent colors to use on cupboards and walls behind appliances. These colors are meant to be uplifting and can infuse the atmosphere of the kitchen with a playful, fun feel. Bright color pops work best when paired with earth toned walls, floors, and countertops.

Photo By: Robin Stubbert 3/25 


Ethereal Colors to Calm

If your kitchen has white marble or granite counter tops, blue can be a wonderful accentuating color for the kitchen. The color blue is meant to be calming and serene, so if you’d like to create a feeling of peace within your kitchen then blue is the color for you. Another great way to incorporate blues into the kitchen is through the use of tiling above the stove, using an array of porcelain pieces or shattered sea glass.


Dark Framing Colors 

Color can be used to draw the eye to a particular area within a room. Darker colors used around the frame of the window, fridge, or doorway can  give the kitchen a defined, dramatic look. Framing colors generally look best when paired with a neutral wall, stainless steel appliances, and dark countertops.


Stay tuned for more room color tips. If you’re interested in upgrading the colors in your kitchen, then call Painter Bros today for an estimate.

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