Personalize Your Bedroom with Unique Painting Ideas



Just Add Stripes 


Striped walls can add texture, length, and height to your bedroom. Creating a striped effect directly above the bed frame or on one wall , with alternating shades of the same color, only can add a dimensional effect to the entire room.

Horizontal stripes draw the eye longways, lengthening the room.

Vertical stripes draw the eye up, and can create height in a room with a low ceiling, or if you’d like to draw the eye to a particular piece of artwork or mirror.

Zig-zagging stripes are great for kids room’s and nurseries. Zig-zag stripes create a fun, playful look. They’re great when done in a bold, bright color, or in alternating rainbow colors.




Color Blocking


Color blocking is when you place a bright color directly next to another color, or a few other colors, in order to make the colors pop.  This can be done by picking a pair of colors, like above with the dark blue and white, or a trio of colors, to have stacked on top of one another to produce a bold, powerful look.


Ombre Coloring


Ombre is when you begin with a dark color that gradually fades to light. You can begin with the dark closer to the floorboards, at the roof, or from the side of the wall. Ombre coloring is great for creating a lighting effect in a room. Ombre can be done very gradually (as shown below), or in a more defined, patterned fashion (as shown above).



Stenciling is a great way to add a personalized, custom feel to your bedroom. Even small detailing on the wall can add a customized element to any room in the house. Stenciling can be done by hand, by taping off areas in the pattern of your choosing, or can be purchased in faux wallpaper press-on form.



There are many ways to elevate and customize an intimate room like your bedroom. Color patterns, color blocking, patterning, and stenciling are just a few of the ways to change the entire feel of your room.

If you’re interested in discussing ways to redecorate and revitalize the paint job in your home, don’t hesitate to contact Painter Bros today for an estimate.

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