3 Cost Effective Ways to Increase the Value of Your Home with Trade Work

Whether you are thinking about selling or simply want to make sure that your home maintains its value, there are a few trade work tactics proven by housing analysts that will increase its market price. Home renovations, additions, or outdoor landscaping can be costly endeavors that often do not provide the greatest return on investment. We’ve compiled a few tried and true methods that are guaranteed to elevate the value of your home at a cost that won’t break the bank.

Quality Paint Job

Just like you would wash and detail your car before you sell it, touching up your home’s paint job the best way to ensure that it’s ready for sale. A custom paint job by a professional painting contractor will freshen up the look of your home, brighten your rooms, and make every space looks clean and finished. The key, however, is a professional paint job. Only the pros will take all of the necessary time and care to prep surfaces, strip wallpaper, and sand wood. Additionally, they will purchase all of the materials, provide samples, and potentially give input about accent colors. They will employ painting techniques that result in the special rolled effect that can not be emulated by an amatuer, as well as top off the coat with a finish at your request. Finally, the crew will thoroughly clean drips, spills, and debris at the end of the job.

Custom Trim, Crown Mouldings

Accentuating with a highlighted trim can make all the difference in the style and feel of a room. Crown mouldings are one of the architectural features that can really add value to a home. They create a classic, stylish look in any space, with impressive angles and distinguished curves that create a polished feel.  Custom trim takes the eye up the ceiling, which elevates the room’s stature and can make a space feel more open. Done right, updated trim and mouldings will make an ordinary home into one that feels extraordinary and upscale. It’s the details that make the distinction.

Refinished Cabinetry 

Whether you want to install new cabinets, or just revamp the old ones, the right custom work can completely refresh your kitchen’s style. Borders, decorative supports, end panels— a little imagination can go a long way toward making your kitchen the talk of the town. Custom carpentry, or a cabinet paint job with specific design elements may seem like small details, however they can make a great impact in the decorative look of your kitchen.

These are just a few of the low-cost ways to maximize the worth of your home. If you are in the Salt Lake City Utah area and are interested in discussing the best ways to boost the value of your specific home, contact us. We are more than happy to talk details, give walkthrough appraisals, and provide personalized advice on all trade work inquires.